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Step-by-Step Guide to Living in Chiang Mai for Digital Nomads and ...

This 10k-word guide to living in Chiang Mai Thailand is just too big to summarize. Learn visa requirements, cost of living, where to rent a motorbike, find ...

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Step-by-Step Guide to Living in Chiang Mai for Digital Nomads and Expats | Hobo with a Laptop

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  • <H5> Blog Categories
  • <H5> Merch Store
  • <H5> General
  • <H5> Resources
  • <H1> Step-by-Step Guide to Living in Chiang Mai for Digital Nomads
  • <H2> Living in Chiang Mai
  • <H3> A Petri Dish for Innovation
  • <H3> Why I Hope More People Go Nomad
  • <H2> Customs, Language, Culture, and Setting Expectations
  • <H3> Learning the Local Language
  • <H3> Getting Around
  • <H3> Post Office
  • <H3> Food Tastes Different
  • <H3> Related Posts
  • <H2> Cost of Living in Chiang Mai
  • <H3> Budget Expectations
  • <H3> The Value of Money
  • <H4> Mobile Phones & Data Packages
  • <H4> Apartments, Houses, or Condos
  • <H4> Groceries & Eating Out
  • <H4> Alcohol & Cigarettes
  • <H4> Bicycles & Motor Bike Rentals
  • <H4> Taxis, Songthaews and Tuk Tuks
  • <H3> Saving Money
  • <H4> Don’t Over Pay for Electricity
  • <H4> Use Water Bottle Refilling Stations
  • <H4> Do Your Own Laundry
  • <H4> Travel Overnight
  • <H4> House Sitting (or Pet Sitting)
  • <H4> Rent a Motorbike
  • <H4> Buy a Motorbike
  • <H4> Avoid Western Food
  • <H4> Discover How to Live “Thai Style”
  • <H4> Eat Thai Street Food
  • <H4> Avoid Bank Fees
  • <H4> Choose the Right Bank Back Home
  • <H4> Know When to Haggle
  • <H4> Don’t Tip
  • <H4> Charge More
  • <H4> Don’t Get Fines
  • <H4> Think in Baht
  • <H4> Housekeeping
  • <H4> Skip the Bar
  • <H4> Sleep in a Temple
  • <H4> Wear Dark-ish Colored Clothing
  • <H4> Air Asia ASEAN Pass
  • <H4> Save Money on Vaccinations
  • <H2> Best Time to Visit Chiang Mai
  • <H3> Real-Time Air Quality Index
  • <H3> Peak Holidays
  • <H2> How to Setup a Mobile Phone
  • <H3> Common Thai Mobile Plan Information
  • <H3> Setting Up Hardware
  • <H3> How to Set Up AIS Voice and Data Plans (in English)
  • <H3> AIS Balance Refill
  • <H3> AIS Prepaid Plan Activation
  • <H2> Thai Driver’s License Information
  • <H3> Two Sides of the Story
  • <H2> Where to Find a Motor Bike Rental
  • <H3> Rent a Motorbike in the Old City
  • <H4> Happy Days Bike Shop Chiang Mai
  • <H4> Mr. Beer Bike Rentals
  • <H4> Tony’s Big Bikes
  • <H3> Rent a Motorike Outside Old City
  • <H4> Cat Motors
  • <H4> Red Ride
  • <H4> Vanessa’s Motorbike Hire
  • <H4> Mango Bike Rental
  • <H3> Purchasing a Bike in Thailand
  • <H2> Where to Find Accommodations
  • <H3> Chiang Mai Hotels, Resorts & Guest Houses
  • <H3> Chiang Mai Furnished Apartments
  • <H4> Residence SG
  • <H4> Srisuwan Mansion
  • <H4> View Doi Mansion
  • <H4> Green Hill Place
  • <H4> Hillside Condo 2 – 3
  • <H4> Hillside Condo 4
  • <H4> Chiang Mai Lodge
  • <H4> Sakulchai Place
  • <H4> Kantary Hills
  • <H4> Perfect Homes (Directory)
  • <H2> Where to Find a Gym
  • <H3> Hand to Hand Combat School Chiang Mai
  • <H3> CrossFit Chiang Mai
  • <H3> Power House Gym
  • <H3> Harris Fitness Centre
  • <H3> City Gym Chiang Mai
  • <H3> Go Gym
  • <H2> Where to Find Health Services
  • <H4> Chiang Mai Ram Hospital
  • <H4> Health Care Medical Clinic (HCMC) – Dr. Morgan
  • <H4> Chiang Mai Chiropractic Clinic
  • <H4> Mungkala Chinese Medicine Clinic (Acupuncture)
  • <H4> Nimman Dental Clinic
  • <H2> How to Open a Thai Bank Account
  • <H3> Before You Open a Thai Bank Account
  • <H3> Why You Might Want a Thai Bank Account
  • <H3> Bangkok Bank Account Requirements
  • <H2> The End?
  • <H5> Michael
  • <H5> You May Also Like
  • <H2> Step-By-Step Guide to Living in Bali as a Digital Nomad
  • <H2> Why the Philippines is a Great Digital Nomad Destination in 2019
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