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SEO audit: azpro.me

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Homepage erstellen ohne Werbung - kostenlose Website ...

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Domain / URL audit

Domain : azpro.me/
Length (characters) : 9
Alexa global rank: 2113634
The ip address is not on the spam list.

SEO audit: Content analysis

We have found the language localisation: ”en”.
Homepage erstellen ohne Werbung - kostenlose Website Professionelle Homepage erstellen.

Length (characters) : 87

Improve! The website address (title) should be between 10 and 70 characters in length.
Ratio : 9%

Error! The text / HTML code ratio is under 15 percent on this website. This value shows that the website has relatively few text content.
Excellent! The website does not have any flash contents.
Excellent! The website does not use iFrame solutions.
style  kostenlose  mit  create  design  site  die  pages  designed  website  builder  eine  order  eigene  azazilla  ihre  baukasten  sites  full  wenn  email  easy  templates  free  der  professionally  gratis  erstellen  blocks  editor  ein  web  using  building  gestalten  domain  beim  webseite  built-in  canvas  update  page  support  library  unlimited  ist  components  inhalte  nutzen  das  sie  ihrer  professional  pricing  control  homepage  own  und  haben  image 
Keyword Content Title Description (meta description) Headings (headings)
homepage 41
erstellen 26
blocks 18
website 13
sie 13
und 11
Keywords (2 words) Content Title Description (meta description) Headings (headings)
homepage erstellen 8
professionally designed 5
sie ihre 4
kostenlose homepage 3
unlimited pages 3
free update 3
Keywords (3 words) Content Title Description (meta description) Headings (headings)
professionally designed blocks 4
built-in html editor 2
wenn sie eine 2
dass sie ihre 2
Error! The number of H1 tag is more than 1.
Heading structure in the source code
  • <H1> Professional site builder.
  • <H2> Professional website builder to you and your clients. Use bundled blocks and components to easily build professional looking web pages.
  • <H1> Build with Blocks & Components
  • <H3> Blocks
  • <H3> Components
  • <H1> Drag & Drop your way to a beautiful web site
  • <H3> Start with blocks
  • <H3> Finishing touches using components
  • <H3> Built-in HTML Editor
  • <H3> Easy to use style editor
  • <H3> Configurable & flexible
  • <H1> More Azazilla features
  • <H4> Revision history
  • <H4> Form handling
  • <H4> Publishing
  • <H4> Image library
  • <H4> Pre-made templates
  • <H2> Expand Azazilla with additional blocks
  • <H2> Azazilla PRICING
  • <H2> Free
  • <H2> Professional
  • <H2> Web shop
  • <H3> Weitere interessante Themen
  • Expand
We found 13 images on this web page.

Excellent! Every image has an alternative text attributes set on this website.

SEO audit: technology

Error! The web address is accessible with and without www!
Excellent! The website uses favicon.
Perfect! The character encoding is set: UTF-8.
Excellent! No deprecated HTML tags are detected.
Suggestion! Unfortunately, no printer-friendly CSS found.
The website has a 404 error page.
There is robots.txt file.
Excellent! Sitemap is used on this website.
The Google Analytics tracking code is missing.
Suggestion! The website does not use the Google Tag Manager.
Warning! The website contains at least one unencrypted email address.

Speed test

server_resp_time - good
Excellent! No nested tables found.
The elements below are blocking the “above the fold” rendering.
The javascript files below are blocking the rendering.
  • https://azpro.me/files/jquery.js
  • https://azpro.me/files/jquery-migrate.min.js
  • https://azpro.me/files/qbp.js
The CSS files below are blocking the rendering.
  • https://azpro.me/files/front_end_style.css
  • https://azpro.me/files/dashicons.min.css
  • https://azpro.me/files/desktop_style.css
  • https://azpro.me/files/monokai_sublime.css
  • https://azpro.me/files/client-style.css
  • https://azpro.me/files/css.css
  • https://azpro.me/files/simple-author-box.min.css
  • https://azpro.me/files/css(1).css
  • https://azpro.me/files/style.css
  • https://azpro.me/files/css(2).css
  • https://azpro.me/files/style(1).css
  • https://azpro.me/files/shortcodes.css
  • https://azpro.me/files/shortcodes_responsive.css
  • https://azpro.me/files/magnific_popup.css
  • https://azpro.me/files/font-awesome.min.css
  • https://azpro.me/files/font-awesome.min(1).css
  • https://azpro.me/files/qbp.css
  • Expand

Speed test – Javascript

Error! Too many javascript files found which slows down the page load on the website.
  • https://azpro.me/files/jquery.js
  • https://azpro.me/files/jquery-migrate.min.js
  • https://azpro.me/files/qbp.js
  • https://azpro.me/files/frontend-builder-global-functions.js
  • https://azpro.me/files/jsj-code-highlight.js
  • https://azpro.me/files/idle-timer.min.js
  • https://azpro.me/files/custom.js
  • https://azpro.me/files/jquery.mobile.custom.min.js
  • https://azpro.me/files/custom(1).js
  • https://azpro.me/files/jquery.fitvids.js
  • https://azpro.me/files/waypoints.min.js
  • https://azpro.me/files/jquery.magnific-popup.js
  • https://azpro.me/files/frontend-builder-scripts.js
  • https://azpro.me/files/jquery.visible.min.js
  • https://azpro.me/files/wp-embed.min.js
  • https://azpro.me/files/mediaelement-and-player.min.js
  • https://azpro.me/files/wp-mediaelement.min.js
  • https://azpro.me/files/jquery.uniform.min.js
  • https://azpro.me/files/custom(2).js
  • https://azpro.me/files/idle-timer.min(1).js
810.25 KB
You can save 642B (59% compression) on the analysed URL by minifying the javascript files.

Speed test – CSS

Suggestion! You must avoid using inline CSS.
Error! Too many CSS files detected that slows down the page load.
  • https://azpro.me/files/front_end_style.css
  • https://azpro.me/files/dashicons.min.css
  • https://azpro.me/files/simple-author-box.min.css
  • https://azpro.me/files/css(2).css
  • https://azpro.me/files/style(1).css
  • https://azpro.me/files/font-awesome.min.css
  • https://azpro.me/files/font-awesome.min(1).css
  • https://azpro.me/files/qbp.css
  • https://azpro.me/files/mediaelementplayer.min.css
  • https://azpro.me/files/style(2).css
1.02 MB
Great! The CSS elements are minified.

Speed test – Compression

34.27 KB
You can save 1.2KB (16% compression) on the analysed URL by minifying the HTML file.
Error! By using Gzip you can save 6.1KB (68% compression) on your site.

Speed test – Browser cache

The browser cache is not set correctly for all elements.
https://azpro.meExpiry time is not specified
https://azpro.me/files/Screen-Shot-2017-05-30-at-6.51.19-PM.pngExpiry time is not specified
https://azpro.me/files/Screen-Shot-2017-05-30-at-7.09.42-PM.pngExpiry time is not specified
https://azpro.me/files/arrows-64px-outline-4_restore@2x.pngExpiry time is not specified
https://azpro.me/files/bg2-1.jpgExpiry time is not specified
https://azpro.me/files/blocks.pngExpiry time is not specified
https://azpro.me/files/client-style.cssExpiry time is not specified
https://azpro.me/files/css(1).cssExpiry time is not specified
https://azpro.me/files/css(2).cssExpiry time is not specified
https://azpro.me/files/css.cssExpiry time is not specified
https://azpro.me/files/custom(1).jsExpiry time is not specified
https://azpro.me/files/custom(2).jsExpiry time is not specified
https://azpro.me/files/custom.jsExpiry time is not specified
https://azpro.me/files/dashicons.min.cssExpiry time is not specified
https://azpro.me/files/design-64px-outline-2_form@2x-1.pngExpiry time is not specified
https://azpro.me/files/design-64px-outline_responsive@2x.pngExpiry time is not specified
https://azpro.me/files/design-64px-outline_window-paragraph@2x.pngExpiry time is not specified
https://azpro.me/files/desktop_style.cssExpiry time is not specified
https://azpro.me/files/files-64px-outline_folder-image@2x.pngExpiry time is not specified
https://azpro.me/files/font-awesome.min(1).cssExpiry time is not specified
https://azpro.me/files/font-awesome.min.cssExpiry time is not specified
https://azpro.me/files/front_end_style.cssExpiry time is not specified
https://azpro.me/files/frontend-builder-global-functions.jsExpiry time is not specified
https://azpro.me/files/frontend-builder-scripts.jsExpiry time is not specified
https://azpro.me/files/idle-timer.min(1).jsExpiry time is not specified
https://azpro.me/files/idle-timer.min.jsExpiry time is not specified
https://azpro.me/files/jquery-migrate.min.jsExpiry time is not specified
https://azpro.me/files/jquery.fitvids.jsExpiry time is not specified
https://azpro.me/files/jquery.jsExpiry time is not specified
https://azpro.me/files/jquery.magnific-popup.jsExpiry time is not specified
https://azpro.me/files/jquery.mobile.custom.min.jsExpiry time is not specified
https://azpro.me/files/jquery.uniform.min.jsExpiry time is not specified
https://azpro.me/files/jquery.visible.min.jsExpiry time is not specified
https://azpro.me/files/jsj-code-highlight.jsExpiry time is not specified
https://azpro.me/files/magnific_popup.cssExpiry time is not specified
https://azpro.me/files/mediaelement-and-player.min.jsExpiry time is not specified
https://azpro.me/files/mediaelementplayer.min.cssExpiry time is not specified
https://azpro.me/files/monokai_sublime.cssExpiry time is not specified
https://azpro.me/files/qbp.cssExpiry time is not specified
https://azpro.me/files/qbp.jsExpiry time is not specified
https://azpro.me/files/shortcodes.cssExpiry time is not specified
https://azpro.me/files/shortcodes_responsive.cssExpiry time is not specified
https://azpro.me/files/simple-author-box.min.cssExpiry time is not specified
https://azpro.me/files/smartmockups-digital_unsplash_6.jpgExpiry time is not specified
https://azpro.me/files/style(1).cssExpiry time is not specified
https://azpro.me/files/style(2).cssExpiry time is not specified
https://azpro.me/files/style.cssExpiry time is not specified
https://azpro.me/files/waypoints.min.jsExpiry time is not specified
https://azpro.me/files/wp-embed.min.jsExpiry time is not specified
https://azpro.me/files/wp-mediaelement.min.cssExpiry time is not specified
https://azpro.me/files/wp-mediaelement.min.jsExpiry time is not specified
https://cdn3.caltat.com/.. /script.phpExpiry time is not specified
https://tag.digitaltarget.ru/adcm.jsExpiry time is not specified
https://w.uptolike.com/.. /icomoon.woff?qq11232333=123213123132130 minutes
https://w.uptolike.com/widgets/v1/uptolike.js30 minutes
https://w.uptolike.com/.. /widgetsModule.js?v=1db6d2da488d3d3f7c731...30 minutes
https://mc.yandex.ru/metrika/watch.js60 minutes

Speed test – Images

1.92 MB
You can save 527.3KB (42% compression) by optimising the images below: